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Change house with specialized personnel

Moving homes or offices are stressful times for those who find themselves having to change apartments or workplaces, and therefore move all their belongings. Often, those moving in are afraid of losing expensive items or finding broken or broken furniture upon arrival.

For this reason,Tanya packers and movers uses specialized and qualified personnel to guarantee the removal of peaceful homes and offices without any unpleasant surprises. We work with the utmost professionalism and accuracy to ensure that all your assets arrive safely in the new home or new office. Furthermore, we are available to carry out removals even on weekends.

We guarantee a turnkey service, executed with speed, organization and professionalism, with the possibility of intervention even over the weekend. To carry out the removal of residential and office buildings in the fastest, most practical and profitable way, we have vehicles of different sizes. We can use vans for large removals, as well as smaller means for medium and small home removals. Using means adequate to the nature of the service allows us to offer fair and advantageous prices to our customers. Furthermore.

Our USP – Tanya packers and movers

If you are planning a relocation, there is no better place than us. For removals of houses and offices, partial or total, throughout the territory, we carry out free estimates without commitment at home. The availability of vehicles of different sizes, from large trucks for large removals of houses to smaller vans for less massive interventions, allows us to modulate the cost of our services. In this way, our proposal is always advantageous for customers who choose to contact us, above all, commensurate with the request that is sent to us.

  • We pack and unpack each and every item with utmost care
  • We have wide range of vehicles to carry out all types of furniture and crockery material
  • Our team comprises of expert relocation personnel who can assemble and disassemble large furniture
  • You can request a quote before hiring our services.
  • We use high quality packing material to ensure the security of each item
  • Complete assistance while loading and unloading or in case of missing or broken items


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Quality Assurance

In order not to risk ruining the objects of those who are moving, the Tanya packers and movers offer a service for the supply of packaging and packaging of the contents of the furniture. In this way, the move is safer and the customers are more calm and serene. The packaging of the furniture is a service that takes into account the needs of our customers and their satisfaction. That's why our staff consists of a team of organizers and movers specializing in the transfer of all types of furniture and objects. Without a doubt, our main goal is complete and safe relocation.

Vision & Mission

To become one of the most reliable and customer friendly packers and movers services in area, capable of handling small to large relocation requirements within budget.

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