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Packers and Movers Banthra

Packers and Movers Banthra

The company also provides you with a reliable and secure mobile storage service, which proves particularly useful when you need to store furniture and objects before transporting them to a new housing solution. If you are about to move house and look for a serious and reliable company to entrust with the transport of your furniture, consult our services.

We are aware of the fact that making a move involves entering contact with furniture and objects that are part of your intimate and personal sphere. For this reason, transport workers and furniture disassembly and reassembly are distinguished by courtesy, respect, and ability to listen and fulfill your requests. The company is also specialized in the transfer of valuable works of art and valuable furniture. In addition to packing and transport operations carried out in a workmanlike manner, the company also guarantees the storage of furniture up until the time of entry into the new apartment or office.


Welcome to Tanya Packers Customer Care Centre. Kindly call us at our number i.e. 09151529662, 07310000386 (24x7). and Mail Us: info@tanyapackers.com We shall feel obliged to serve you.

We have all the fleet and material necessary for your move to take place in the blink of an eye. In addition, your furniture and personal items will not suffer any damage during the move of your home or office.

We take care of:

Perform the disassembly and assembly of furniture and appliances: packing the most delicate as crockery or glassware.

We offer you a custom packaging service in Banthramade in our workshop, as well as specialized cardboard boxes for the protection and transfer of your most valuable and delicate objects.

We have closets of wardrobes to move all your clothes and bedding, as well as covers for your mattresses.

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