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Packers and Movers Agra

Packers and Movers Agra

Movers and their work are an integral part when moving. Tanya Packers and Movers take a very responsible approach to recruiting and we can say with confidence that our movers do not "take time", work quickly, and treat clients' property carefully and, most importantly, are absolutely polite. You do not have to endure their bad habits or cheeky manner of communication, as happens with random people hired in a nearby gateway.


Welcome to Tanya Packers Customer Care Centre. Kindly call us at our number i.e. 09151529662, 07310000386 (24x7). and Mail Us: info@tanyapackers.com We shall feel obliged to serve you.

When ordering an apartment move with us, you get:

  • • Support- We are always in touch - if a question arises, we will calmly answer it. We will solve the problem.
  • • Politeness- From managers in the office to professional movers. You will be comfortable.
  • • Confidentiality- Information about your move will be kept confidential. We will not say anything to anyone. This is especially true if you have valuable things.
  • • Compliance with deadlines- We will start and finish the work on time. If we are late, which rarely happens, then being late is at our expense.
  • • Packaging- We will analyze and assemble the furniture. Furniture will last longer and will delight you with its appearance.
  • • Competent transportation- We will transport household appliances according to standards. The refrigerator will freeze, and the washing machine will wash- even when we leave.

Our staff has extensive experience, so it can easily cope with any specific operations that require special knowledge and devices, for example, transportation of the piano, car or motorcycle. Contact us today to get your quotes and experts help!

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